‘*1/2’ a critique of rock criticism in North America

  title={‘*1/2’ a critique of rock criticism in North America},
  author={Kembrew Mcleod},
  journal={Popular Music},
  pages={47 - 60}
As a particular type of gatekeeper, rock critics play a significant role in shaping the representations of artists for an admittedly small, but influential, population, as well as establishing an artist's place in music history. In Sound Effects, Simon Frith (1983) maintains that rock critics are ‘opinion leaders’ and are the ‘ideological gatekeepers’ of the community for which they write. Additionally, I argue that rock critics function as Gramscian ‘organic intellectuals’ who articulate the… 

Crossover narratives: intersections of race, genre and authenticity in unpopular popular music

This thesis analyzes the construction of racialized notions of authenticity within American popular musical genres across the span of the 20 Century, but especially from a crucial period between the

The slow death of Everett True: A metacriticism

In print environments, popular music critics are customarily seen as gatekeepers of ‘cool’ and arbiters of taste. This research project asks whether the same holds true in Web 2.0 environments in

Writing about listening: alternative discourses in rock journalism

Abstract ‘Alternative’ publications challenge the conventional discourses of rock journalism. In particular, the dominant discourses of authenticity, masculinity and mythology might be countered by

‘Some guy designed this room I’m standing in': marking gender in press coverage of Ani DiFranco

Examining ways in which gender is marked in the press coverage of self-produced, folk-rock artist and record label owner Ani DiFranco, this paper explores how language employed in rock criticism

"We're from Switzerland, that's a chocolate island in Sweden": understanding the situation of Swiss bands with regard to the indie rock rhizome

Globalization through individualization together with an increase of translocal relations has opened up new ways of identification. Music as a set of symbolic elements enables this identification

‘Girls, girls, girls’?: The Los Angeles metal scene and the politics of gender in Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years

Drawing initially on research on the gendering of music scenes this article will suggest that the documentary The Metal Years (1988) depicts a Los Angeles heavy metal scene that, in accordance with

"Sometimes I Live in the Country, Sometimes I Live in Town”:  Discourses of Authenticity, Cultural Capital, and the Rural/Urban Dichotomy in  Alternative Country Music

Alternative country (or alt.country) offers to its listeners a complex juxtaposition of punk and country aesthetics and sentiments, rendering music that is considered to be a heartfelt, rustic, and

Fields, Genres, Brands

Abstract Despite the music industry's attempts to genericise world music, it is not a genre, though it is nonetheless possible to talk about world music as a field of cultural production. There are

Music for the Pria Dewasa: Changes and Continuities in Class and Pop Music Genres

  • E. Baulch
  • History
    Journal of Indonesian Social Sciences and Humanities
  • 2018
This paper presents Rolling Stone Indonesia1 (RSI) and places it in an historical context to tease out some changes and continuities in Indonesian middle-class politics since the beginning of the New

Popular Music Fanzines: Genre, Aesthetics, and the “Democratic Conversation”

Research into fanzines has tended to locate them as subcultural artefacts whose significance is found in their symbolic fit with the subculture responsible for producing them. As a consequence,



Policing Bohemia, pinning up grunge: the music press and generic change in British pop and rock

After a decade of relative stability a flurry of closures and launches has changed the face of the British popular music press (see Table 1). This article examines the new structure and its

Club Cultures: Music, Media, and Subcultural Capital

Focusing on youth cultures that revolve around dance clubs and raves in Great Britain and the U.S., Sarah Thornton highlights the values of authenticity and hipness and explores the complex

Popular music in theory : an introduction

Popular Music in Theory provides a critical introduction to the key theoretical issues which arise in the study of contemporary popular music. The book is organized in a way that shows how popular

The Seventh Stream: The Emergence of Rocknroll in American Popular Music

Philip Ennis presents a major social and cultural study of the origins and evolution of rocknroll. With masterful command of general trends and telling details, he describes the artistic, economic,

Selections from the prison notebooks

ion, but it leads nobody to think that one fly equals one elephant. The rules of formal logic are abstractions of the same kind, they are like the grammar of normal thought; but they still need to be

The Accidental Evolution Of Rock'n'roll: A Misguided Tour Through Popular Music

* Chapters Include: * In the Beginning * Working-Woman Rock from Sigmund Freud to Simon Frith * Freud Rock * Unforgettable Memory Rock Moments * Repetition Repetition Repetition Repetition Repetition

Signification, representation, ideology: Althusser and the post‐structuralist debates

This essay attempts to assess Althusser's contribution to the reconceptualization of ideology. Rather than offering a detailed exegesis, the essay provides some general reflections on the theoretical

We gotta get out of this place

La campagne devant durer une annee de Fire International en faveur d'une meilleure securite incendie dans les hotels du monde entier commence avec cet article ecrit par JACKY SINCLAIR, une

Authenticity Within Hip-Hop and Other Cultures Threatened with Assimilation

This essay examines claims of authenticity within hip-hop, African American culture. In the mid- to late 1990s, authenticity claims have been pervasive within hip-hop music communities, which had