• Political Science
  • Published 2016

Юридическое лицо как субъект административной ответственности

  title={Юридическое лицо как субъект административной ответственности},
  author={Очаковский Виктор Александрович and Иваненко Игорь Николаевич and Крутова Яна Александровна and Письменная Ирина Вадимовна},
This article focuses on the economic activities of legal entities as subjects of administrative responsibility. The article considers the peculiarities of this type of liability applicable to legal persons. The purpose of this article is to study the legislative framework of this institution, identifying the distinguishing features of this type of liability. Despite an adequate regulation of the legal status of the entity in various legal acts, there are many debatable issues. This topic is… CONTINUE READING