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Фармакодинамическое обоснование полиура при гепатодистрофии коров

  title={Фармакодинамическое обоснование полиура при гепатодистрофии коров},
  author={Рахматуллин Эмиль Касымович and Гизатуллина Фирдаус Габдрахмановна and Базин Алексей Владимирович},
Hepatosis of cattle is one of the most difficult challenges which veterinary science and practice face. Due to this disease the reproductive ability of animals, product quality worsen, the time of production use of cows reduce, milk yield reduce by 15-26%, the increase in live weight reduce by 10-15%. Drug poliur for the prevention and treatment of yellow atrophy of the liver of farm animals was developed in JSC factory "Veterinary drugs". Under hepatosis of the liver of cows there is… Expand