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Фармакодинамическое обоснование действия фуратриха при эндометрите коров

  title={Фармакодинамическое обоснование действия фуратриха при эндометрите коров},
  author={Рахматуллин Эмиль Касымович and Борисов Сергей Александрович and Силова Наталия Валериевна and Писалева Светлана Геннадиевна},
Acute puerperal endometritis is one of the most common gynecological diseases of cows. In this connection, the improvement of the treatment methods and finding of new preparations for treatment and prevention of obstetric-gynecological pathology of cows is an urgent task for veterinary science and practice. The article provides data on the study of the pharmacodynamic properties of furatrikh. Preparation furatrikh is manufactured at OJSC «Veterinary preparations» (Gus-Khrustalny, Vladimir… Expand