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Стабилизация окципитоатлантоаксиального комплекса из заднего доступа

  title={Стабилизация окципитоатлантоаксиального комплекса из заднего доступа},
  author={Николай Алексеевич Корж and Барыш Александр Евгеньевич},
A posterior occipitocervical fusion with a novel fixation device developed at Sytenko Institute for Spine and Joints Pathology and a technology of its application have been biomechanically substantiated. The analysis of surgeries in 6 patients with upper cervical spine injuries and disorders was performed. The results were assessed as excellent in 3 patients and good in 3 ones. Some criteria for comprehensive estimation of clinical effectiveness of surgeries performed were proposed. 
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