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Современное состояние системы здравоохранения Российской Федерации

  title={Современное состояние системы здравоохранения Российской Федерации},
  author={Садыкова Юлия Жавитовна},
The article presents the methodological foundations of a health. The essence concentrates on health as a strategic objective of the state. In the opinion of Health according to WHO the main task is the development of national health financing system. The author offers a solution to the problem through the development of tools for monitoring and evaluation of health services. There are considered the financing of health care in the Russian Federation, the problems before and after the reform. 
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пробиотиков интересов. Immunomodulatory effects of
The role of the intestinal microbiota in the immune system is outlined, starting with initial information supporting further insights into the effects of intestinal microbiota dysbacteriosis on the host’s susceptibility to infection, and the regulatory role of probiotics in the “intestine-lungs” system and theimmune system of mucous membranes for potential antiviral mechanisms are discussed.
Фармакоэкономика и Фармакоэпидемиология
By using modern mathematical methods for big data analysis, it is demonstrated clearly that the authors of the text CD003177 used clinically heterogeneous cohorts of patients, and a subjective approach used by the above authors regarding the role of PUFAs in the prevention of cardiovascular morbidity is demonstrated.
Алгоритм действий при ятрогенных аневризмах сосудов
The proposed diagnostic and treatment algorithm improves the efficiency of surgical treatment of iatrogenic aneurysms by the method of endovascular complete vascular occlusion and obtains good results.
Modern principles of cardiotocography in childbirth
CTG data should be considered in combination with the clinical situation in order to select the correct management of birth tactics and decide on the method of delivery, as well as increased experience with CTG helps to interpret the results and improves the outcome of childbirth.
Patient registers and account registries of compulsory medical insurance: integration and replaceability
The regulatory and legal acts governing the patient registers are reviewed, and the registers of compulsory medical insurance accounts are compared to assess the possibility of integrating the data into a unified registry based on the CMI accounts.
Personolized treatment of patients with HIV-infection
The paper studies key epidemiological, medical, social and economic, and demographic prerequisites determining the necessity of personalized diagnosis and treatment of patients with HIV-infection and
Problems of development of telemedicine technologies in Russia through the prism of foreign experience
The use of telemedicine technologies in the Russian Federation has been allowed legally only since 2018. Such a small experience is objectively insufficient for a development of a serious practice of
Development of a medical methodology for telemedicine screening of adult health in outpatient settings for population monitoring of chronic noncommunicable diseases
A method for telemedicine screening of adult health in outpatient settings using a system for analyzing unstructured data for population monitoring of chronic non-communicable diseases is proposed, which allows determining health risks by specific profiles, forming a final conclusion with recommendations for a healthy lifestyle.
Pathogenetic substantiation of phlebotropic therapy for chronic venous diseases
Various pathophysiological mechanisms of the development of CVD are provided, which present the targets for venoactive drug therapies, and several priority strategies and goals are identified.
Approaches to Clinical Development of Combination Medicines in the Russian Federation and the Eurasian Economic Union in view of the Requirements of the Current Legislation
  • A. V. Dobrovolskiy
  • Medicine
    The Bulletin of the Scientific Centre for Expert Evaluation of Medicinal Products
  • 2019
Modern science-based approaches to clinical development of combination medicines are summarised and possible ways of their practical implementation are identified, taking into account the requirements of the current legislation are identified.


Индексная шкала оценки функции плечевого сустава
The scale was designed taking into account modern literature and includes 8 indexes of clinical and instrumental estimation, professional and everyday life activity and the average clinical index can be used for integrate estimation of patient's state before and after treatment.
Современные методы диагностики невынашиваниябеременности ранних сроков
Characteristics of the main methods of diagnostics of recurrent early pregnancy loss, features of an exchange of biogenic amines, concentration of tryptophan and serotonin in blood plasma of women with a threatened miscarriage and the physiological course of pregnancy are described.
Клинико-морфологическая оценка симптома Вассермана
There has been proved the role of myofascial structures of the anterior fascial bed of the hip in the formation of Wasserman reaction and there were determined the most frequent localizations of trigger points in the quadriceps and sartorius muscles of the lower limb.
Фармакоэкономический анализ применения лекарственных средств первой и второй линии в лечении рассеянного склероза
A pharmacoeconomic comparison of the administration of first- and second-line drugs in the treatment of multiple sclerosis through cost, cost-effectiveness, and budget impact analyses using the 2015 state prices shows that the cost of the second- line drugs was higher than that of the first-line ones.
Изучение реакции тканей краевого пародонта на ретракцию с учетом особенностей биотипа десны
The principles of non-compliance with any of the clinical prosthetic devices could pave the way for the development of more severe changes in the periodontium.
Оценка влияния на здоровье человека различных факторов, возникающих при работе на компьютере
The study and estimation of influence of the negative factors which arising at work with computer, carried out by using complex ways. During this experiment conformed that electromagnetic radiation
Дисциркуляторная энцефалопатия (вопросы терминологии и классификации)
The assessment of literature sources has shown that a complex clinicomorphological approach in combination with etiological factors and findings of additional methods of investigation are required to make a diagnosis of discirculatory encephalopathy.
Состояние краевого пародонта после ретракционной процедуры перед получением окончательного оттиска
The paper examines the impact of retraction procedures on microcirculation in periodontal tissues edge in patients with different biotypes of the gums and proves the importance of Doppler flowmetry for diagnosingperiodontal stages of orthopedic treatment.
Современные методы лечения зубочелюстных аномалий у детей
Dentoalveolar anomalies and destruction is a common pathology of dental system in childhood and percentage of dentoalveolars anomalies increases significantly of the surveyed children with other dental disease (caries and its complications) and general diseases of the body.
On the basis of the analysis of healthy tissue of shoulder joint and diagnosed disruptions, the “four-platen” structure of shoulder Joint was offered.