• Medicine
  • Published 2012

Перспектива применения фармакологического прекондиционирования в хирургии

  title={Перспектива применения фармакологического прекондиционирования в хирургии},
  author={И. М. Колесник and Дарья Афонасьевна Ефременкова and Ольга Викторовна Молчанова and Константин Сергеевич Трофимов and М. М. Папуашвили},
The possibility of using Resveratrol for pharmacological preconditioning in surgery is studied. The experiment was carried out on Wistar rats. The influence of Resveratrol on the survival of isolated skin pedicle flap and the microvasculature condition in the ischemic skeletal muscle was determined in comparison with the effect of distant ischemic preconditioning. Ischemia was modeled on leg muscles of rats. The microvasculature condition was assessed by laser Doppler flowmetry and histological… CONTINUE READING

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