Острый тонзиллофарингит. Рациональный выбор фармакотерапии

  title={Острый тонзиллофарингит. Рациональный выбор фармакотерапии},
  author={Дарья Всеволодовна Харина and Дали Шотаевна Мачарадзе},
The authors analyzed etiological factors and special issues of diagnostics of inflammatory diseases of the pharynx associated with pain in children. According to etiological factors tonsillopharyngitis can be divided into two main forms: bacterial and viral. The prevalence of viral tonsillopharyngitis is respectively high and, in contrast to bacterial form, this one does not demand systemic antibacterial treatment. The article contains information on the main medicines used for topical… CONTINUE READING
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