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  • Published 2018

Особенности локальной и системной иммунной регуляции при катаракте

  title={Особенности локальной и системной иммунной регуляции при катаракте},
  author={Созуракова Евгения Алексеевна and Громакина Елена Владимировна and Шабалдин Андрей Владимирович and Шабалдина Елена Викторовна and Шахматов Кирилл Сергеевич},
The question of the inflammatory origin of the eye cataract remains open. To identify associative relationships between the severity of the cataract manifestations, complications after its surgical treatment and levels of proinflammatory and antiinflammatory cytokines in the anterior chamber of the eye and peripheral blood was examined 24 patients with uncomplicated presenile cataract of the eyes. The age of the patients was in the range of 28-55 years. The study group included 14 men and 10… CONTINUE READING