Опыт применения микробосинтезируемой биодобавки в свиноводстве

  title={Опыт применения микробосинтезируемой биодобавки в свиноводстве},
  author={Оксана Николаевна Марьина and Н. А. Любин and Е. М. Марьин and Светлана Николаевна Хохлова},
According to blood investigations it is established that the using addition in the feeding of the far row sow has promoted the intensification of the hoopoes by piglet. It's testified about the optimizing the exchange processes by the gestation able animals, with had made the positive influence to the fetus development. In experimental research the indexes of protein metabolism were studied in blood serum of one day old pigs and at the weaning age while using the preparation Beta-growth in a… CONTINUE READING