• Chemistry
  • Published 2013

Оптимизация характеристик СВЧ-тракта плазменного светильника

  title={Оптимизация характеристик СВЧ-тракта плазменного светильника},
  author={Бухарин Виктор Алексеевич and Вахитов Максим Григорьевич and Воробьев Михаил Степанович and Кудрин Леонид Петрович and Салихов Ринат Рафикович and Сотников Сергей Анатольевич and Хашимов Амур Бариевич},
This paper proposes the method of optimization the energy condition and geometry of the plasma lamp microwave tract. Mathematical model of nonhomogeneous waveguide and coupled cavity is considered. It is shown that the using of supplementary elements improves matching condition for exciting magnetron with waveguide and transmitting of electromagnetic energy to cavity. Method for experimental research of the plasma lamp model is proposed.