Новая парадигма экономического роста в Кузбассе

  title={Новая парадигма экономического роста в Кузбассе},
  author={Фридман Юрий Абрамович and Алексеенко Эдуард Владимирович and Речко Галина Николаевна and Оськина Наталья Анатольевна},
Elements of a new paradigm of economic growth for Kuzbass are discussed in this article. The principle of which are less supported on favourable sales opportunities of world markets, than on growth of effectiveness of all elements, that make economic construction of the region. It is proved, that growth of effectiveness and increase of labour productivity should become the source of further economic development of Kuzbass region. Region should make the most efficiency use of it's natural… CONTINUE READING