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Моделирование климата Западной Сибири: результаты модели RegCM4

  title={Моделирование климата Западной Сибири: результаты модели RegCM4},
  author={Лагутин Анатолий Алексеевич and Волков Николай Викторович and Мордвин Егор Юрьевич and Резников Антон Николаевич},
The first results of contemporary and future West Siberia climate performed using the RegCM regional climatic model are presented. We discuss the results of the computer experiments set up to determine the influence of the domain size choice on the resulting near-surface air temperature and precipitation data, and the quality of reproduction of the contemporary climate by the model; and the parameters of the regional climate for 2010-2029. Its shown that the model can be used to determine the… CONTINUE READING

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