Микроклональное размножение майкарагана волжского

  title={Микроклональное размножение майкарагана волжского},
  author={Середа Михаил Михайлович and Карасева Татьяна Александровна and Луценко Елена Витальевна},
Calophaca wolgarica (L. fil.) Fisch. ex DC. is an endangered plant included into Russian Federation Red Book. The central purpose of the experiment is to establish an efficient micropropagation method for rapid multiplication of Calophaca planting material in order to solve problems related to repatriation and introduction of this plant. The best method of micropropagation of this shrub is micrograftage by removing the apical dominance. An optimal sterilization method of seed explants is found… CONTINUE READING