К вопросу об атрибуции «Гурар ус-сияр»

  title={К вопросу об атрибуции «Гурар ус-сияр»},
  author={Зохидов Низомиддин Шамсиддинович},
The article is devoted to indification of author ship of the famous historical Arabic-language writing "Ghurar al-Siyar" written between 1017-1021. This work is attributed to the well-known Arabic-language writer and philologist Abumansur Abdulmalik ibn Muhammad al-Thaalibi al-Nishapuri (961-1038) by a group of scientists, however another group of researchers believe that the author of the work is a certain historian Abumansur al-Hosein ibn Muhammad al-Thaalibi Marghani allegedly bore the… CONTINUE READING