Исследование эфирного масла сырья хмеля обыкновенного

  title={Исследование эфирного масла сырья хмеля обыкновенного},
  author={Гузель Минулловна Латыпова and С. Ф. Шафикова and Р. Я. Давлетшина and Валерий Алексеевич Катаев},
Essential oil has been obtained from the foliage of Humulus lupulus L. and its quantitative amount has been determined. By means of gas chromatography with chromate-mass-spectroscopic detection the qualitative composition of the essential oil which comprises sesquiterpene compounds, naphtalene derivatives, benzoic acid and caryophyllene oxide has been studied. Specific for Humulus lupulus L. infructescence components of essential oils such as α-kubeben, caryophyllen, α-caryophyllen and… CONTINUE READING