ƶƤŞƏƶŞţŹ ƹ ƽŶƴŝƽŶƴưƳřƺţ ƽŶƴŝƂƳřŵ ƾƈƈŴţ ƽŚƷƾsŶƴƸƯ ƱŚĮŤųƺƯō

  title={ƶƤŞƏƶŞţŹ ƹ ƽŶƴŝƽŶƴưƳřƺţ ƽŶƴŝƂƳřŵ ƾƈƈŴţ ƽŚƷƾsŶƴƸƯ ƱŚĮŤųƺƯō},
  author={Ahmad Reza Tahsiri and Ali Rahbari},
The presence of new environment within the late of 19 century that recognized with time speed, competition, quality and cost pushed academia to establish a new collection of systematic decision tools for effective managing industrial enterprises. In respect of this growing need Industrial Engineering was introduced as a new academic discipline in which the main educational concentration was on developing a scientific process for systematic analysis of real options under different conditions… CONTINUE READING

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