İmam Ebu Mansur el-Maturidi'nin Hayatı ve Eserleri

  title={İmam Ebu Mansur el-Maturidi'nin Hayatı ve Eserleri},
  author={Sıddık Korkmaz},
Imam al-Maturidi, living in the region of Mavaradunnahr is the founder of the Maturidism, one of the most important theological school among the Turks. Available sources do not have much information about his life. Maturidi developed Abu Hanifa’ s teaching in to a theological school. Unfortunately Maturisim is not known as Asharism. Maturidi was educated by Muhammad b. Mukatil al-Razi, Abu Nasr al-Iyazi, Nusayr b. Yahya al-Balhi and Abu Bakr Ahmad b. Ishak al-Cuzcani and he also taught to… 
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