Āryabhat·a's Rule and Table for Sine-Differences

  title={Āryabhat·a's Rule and Table for Sine-Differences},
  author={Takao Hayashi},
  journal={Historia Mathematica},
  • Takao Hayashi
  • Published 1 November 1997
  • Mathematics
  • Historia Mathematica
Abstract This paper gives both a new interpretation of Āryabha t · a's rule for sine-differences prescribed in the second chapter of hisĀryabha t · iya(A.D. 499/510), one of the oldest astronomical texts in India, and a hypothesis about the origin of his table of sine-differences given in the first chapter of the same work.Copyright 1997 Academic Press. [FORMULA]Copyright 1997 Academic Press. [FORMULA] 
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