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þulur in Skáldskaparmál: An Attempt at Skaldic Lexicology

  title={þulur in Sk{\'a}ldskaparm{\'a}l: An Attempt at Skaldic Lexicology},
  author={Elena A. Gurevich},
  journal={Arkiv f{\"o}r nordisk filologi},
  • E. Gurevich
  • Published 1992
  • Philosophy
  • Arkiv för nordisk filologi
Large systems of synonyms used to supply variation of kennings cannot but draw the attention of scholars investigating skaldic poetry. Where did skalds get all these countless numbers of heitil There can be no doubt that most of these synonyms were created in the skaldic tradition itself, which to suit its own needs was constantly remaking the extensive word-stock placed at its disposal by common language on the one hand and foregoing epic tradition on the other. The skaldic systems of synonyms… 
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