Überwindung der Metaphysik durch logische Analyse der Sprache

  title={{\"U}berwindung der Metaphysik durch logische Analyse der Sprache},
  author={Rudolf Carnap},
In Search for an Ontology of Quantum Field Theory
Karl Pearson and the Logic of Science: Renouncing Causal Understanding (the Bride) and Inverted Spinozism.
Karl Pearson is the leading figure of XX century statistics. He and his co-workers crafted the core of the theory, methods and language of frequentist or classical statistics -- the prevalentExpand
Reconsidering the Role of Research Method Guidelines for Qualitative, Mixed-methods, and Design Science Research
It may be time for the IS research community to acknowledge that many research method principles the authors regard as authoritative may ultimately be based on speculation and opinion, and thus, they should be taken less seriously as absolute guidelines in the review process. Expand
Heidegger and Carnap on the Overcoming of
  • 2005
Carnap’s famous demonstration of the “nonsensical” character of certain sentences from Heidegger’s Was ist Metaphysik? has generally not been read as a serious engagement with or criticism ofExpand
New Styles of Reasoning in Contemporary Philosophy and Science
The paper discusses the unexpected trends in the most modern forms of philosophy and science. The traditional differences in the roles of philosophy and science can be traced back to Kant: naturalExpand
Demystifying the Influential IS Legends of Positivism
It is argued that logical positivist philosophers required none of the requirements of statistical or nonstatistical generalizability, surveys, independent variables, ontological views, or were regarded as nonsensical by logical positivists. Expand
Theology and Metaphysics in Sombre, Scientific Times
In view of the sobering findings of science, theology and to a lesser degree metaphysics is confronted with a humiliating loss, and a need for reinterpretation, of allegories and narratives whichExpand
Ein analytisches Missverständnis - Zum Verhältnis von Ontologie und Möglichkeitsbedingungen
Die Rezeption der Philosophie Fichtes bzw. des transzendentalphilosophischen Denkens im Ausgang von Kant in der Strömung, die man gemeinhin die Analytische (Sprach)Philosophie nennt, ist von einigenExpand
Gödel's Path from Hilbert and Carnap to Husserl
It is known that the great logician Kurt Gödel began to study the work of Edmund Husserl in 1959 and that he continued to study Husserl’s work until the end of his life. In this paper I shall discussExpand