Überraschende Erstnachweise und neue Daten zu seltenen Spinnenarten (Arachnida: Araneae) aus Blockhalden in Baden-Württemberg

  title={{\"U}berraschende Erstnachweise und neue Daten zu seltenen Spinnenarten (Arachnida: Araneae) aus Blockhalden in Baden-W{\"u}rttemberg},
  author={Hubert H{\"o}fer and Franz Michael Meyer and Tobias Bauer and Steffen Bayer and Ingmar Harry and Laura Kastner},
  journal={Arachnologische Mitteilungen: Arachnology Letters [Note: Arachnology Letters is the subtitle]},
  pages={62 - 84}
  • H. Höfer, F. Meyer, Laura Kastner
  • Published 13 September 2019
  • Biology
  • Arachnologische Mitteilungen: Arachnology Letters [Note: Arachnology Letters is the subtitle]
Zusammenfassung. Im Rahmen der Erfassung der Spinnen im 2014 gegründeten Nationalpark Schwarzwald wurden im Jahr 2017 Blockhalden als Habitat der Blockhalden-Stachelwolfspinne (Acantholycosa norvegica sudetica (L. Koch, 1875)) mit Bodenfallen untersucht. Da die Art in allen 13 untersuchten Blockhalden in und am Rand des Nationalparks im Nordschwarzwald in hohen Dichten erfasst wurde, wurden 2018 vier weitere Blockhalden aufgesucht um über Beobachtungen, Hand- und Bodenfallenfänge Vorkommen der… 
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Philodromus poecilus (Thorell, 1872) is a Transeurasian species reported from most parts of Europe except the British Isles and the Iberian Peninsula, but in Bavaria, it has not been found since the time of Ludwig Koch (1825–1908).
A Type Catalogue of the Władysław Kulczyński's Spider Collection Deposited in the Museum and Institute of Zoology, Warsaw, Poland. I. Linyphiidae
A total of 347 specimens belonging to 57 species and 2 subspecies from Europe and Asia, including 327 syntypes and 20 holotypes, are listed, of which 43 species were described by Władysław Kulczyński himself.
Moving apart together: co-movement of a symbiont community and their ant host, and its importance for community assembly
It is shown that co-movement is not restricted to tight parasitic, or cross-kingdom interactions, and that myrmecophiles resort to the host to move away from the nest, and this to a much higher extent than hitherto anticipated.


Nachträge zum „Katalog der schweizerischen Spinnen“ 4. Neunachweise von 2002 bis 2011
This 4th appendix to the catalogue of Swiss spiders presents fourteen species recorded for the first time in Switzerland, which represent new records for Switzerland and that, at least partly, have already been published.
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Taxonomic and faunistic amendments are provided for 15 species and one subspecies of comb-footed spiders (Th eridiidae) of the Mediterranean region, in the genera Anatolidion, Episinus,
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The first quantitative phylogenetic analysis within the spider family Philodromidae (using 65 morphological characters from 40 ingroup taxa) does not corroborate Schick’s division into the tribes Thanatini, and Ebo is sister to all other genera in the family.
Three junior synonyms of jumping spider genera (Araneae: Salticidae)
Sittiflor is a subjective junior synonym of Calositticus, which was described to accommodate the species of the Sitticus floricola group containing 13 species and was included by Prószyński [2017] in SITTiflor.
Studies on species of Holarctic Pardosa groups (Araneae, Lycosidae). VIII. The Palearctic species of the Pardosa nigra group.
The eight Palearctic species of the Pardosa nigra group are reviewed, illustrated and keyed. Two of them are redescribed: Pardosa lyrata (Odenwall, 1901) and P. paramushirensis (Nakatsudi, 1937). The
Spiders (Araneae) of stony debris in North Bohemia
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A survey of East Palaearctic Lycosidae (Araneae). 11. Two new genera from the Acantholycosa complex.
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Horrible dynamics in old conservative systems? Undercooled scree slopes in the Austrian Alps - Spider fauna, significance and threat in times of climate change (Arachnida: Araneae)
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araneae – Spinnen Europas
araneae.unibe.ch ist eine zweisprachige Bestimmungsdatenbank fur alle 4500 europaischen Spinnenarten. Sie enthalt unter anderem 36‘000 Abbildungen, 4500 Verbreitungskarten, 5500 Fotos und einige 100
A new Palearctic species of the genus Sitticus Simon, with notes on related species in the floricola group (Araneae, Salticidae)
Summary Sitticus inexpectus sp.n. (from Britain, C. and N. Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan and Kirghizstan) is described and distribution maps provided. It is closely related to S. caricis (Westring) and