Über neue und über verbesserte Wege zum Aufbau von pharmakologisch wichtigen Aminen VI. Über Synthesen des Meskalins

  title={{\"U}ber neue und {\"u}ber verbesserte Wege zum Aufbau von pharmakologisch wichtigen Aminen VI. {\"U}ber Synthesen des Meskalins},
  author={Karl Kindler and Wilhelm Peschke},
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Dark Classics in Chemical Neuroscience: Mescaline.
Although mescaline binds in a similar concentration range to 5-HT1A and α2A receptors, its low potency is probably responsible for its relative neglect by recreational substance users, as the successful search for structure-activity relationships in the hallucinogen field focused largely on finding more potent analogues.
Peyote constituents: chemistry, biogenesis, and biological effects.
Mescaline and related compounds.
  • A. R. Patel
  • Chemistry
    Fortschritte der Arzneimittelforschung. Progress in drug research. Progres des recherches pharmaceutiques
  • 1968
This review covers essentially derivatives of phenethylamine and phenylisopropylamine which contain three phenolic hydroxyl groups and their alkyl ethers. They comprise mescaline, its amphetamine
Chapter 22 β-Phenethylamines
Cactus Alkaloids and Some Related Compounds
In their monumental work “The Cactaceae”, Britton and Rose (19) record 1235 species belonging to the three tribes which constitute the family of the Cacti. The actual number of the species must be