Über eine vermutete ß-Strahlung des Radium A und die natürliche Existenz des Elementes 85

  title={{\"U}ber eine vermutete {\ss}-Strahlung des Radium A und die nat{\"u}rliche Existenz des Elementes 85},
  author={Berta Karlik and Traude Bernert},
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Halogene: Elemente der siebten Hauptgruppe

Neutron stardust and the elements of Earth

At its inception, the periodic table sorted elements by weight, so it may be surprising that the heaviest natural element on Earth remains controversial, or at best, nebulous. In the strange,

First Nuclear Reactions

The discovery by Rutherford in 1919 that \(\alpha \)-particles could induce nuclear reactions and transform isotopes and elements opened up the possibility to produce new isotopes in the laboratory.

Eine neue natürliche α-Strahlung