Über die analytischen Eigenschaften von Gruppen linearer Transformationen und ihrer Darstellungen

  title={{\"U}ber die analytischen Eigenschaften von Gruppen linearer Transformationen und ihrer Darstellungen},
  author={John von Neumann},
  journal={Mathematische Zeitschrift},
  • J. Neumann
  • Published 1 December 1929
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematische Zeitschrift

On the Differentability of the Unitary Representation of the Lie Group.

J. von Neumann ([2]) has introduced the notion of the differentiablity of the matric group, and given a method of forming Lie algebras of matric Lie groups. This notion was extended further by K.

Cutting a Cake Is Not Always a "Piece of Cake": A Closer Look at the Foundations of Cake-Cutting Through the Lens of Measure Theory

The commonly used definitions in the cake-cutting literature are surveyed, their strengths and weaknesses are highlighted, and some recommendations on what definitions could be most reasonably used when looking through the lens of measure theory are made.

Monte Carlo Quantum Computing

It is shown that a particular class of so-called strongly frustration-free manybody Hamiltonians can be Monte Carlo simulated efficiently on a classical computing machine, because the ground state of

Dirac equation in (1 + 1) dimensional curved space-time: Bound states and bound states in continuum

We study Dirac equation in (1 + 1) dimensional curved space-time. In particular, it is shown that bound states can be found in the presence of interactions in certain curved spaces. It has also been

Semianalytic Expressions for the Isolation and Coupling of Mixed Modes

In the oscillation spectra of giant stars, nonradial modes may be seen to undergo avoided crossings, which produce a characteristic “mode bumping” of the otherwise uniform asymptotic p- and g-mode

Ju l 2 01 7 Universality of single qudit gates

We consider the problem of deciding if a set of quantum onequdit gates S = {g1, . . . , gn} ⊂ G is universal, i.e. if < S > is dense in G, where G is either the special unitary or the special

Random matrix ensembles for many-body quantum systems

An overview of embedded random matrix ensembles and how they can be successfully used to study decoherence of a qubit interacting with an environment, both for fermionic and bosonic embeddedEnsembles.

About von Neumann's problem for locally compact groups

We note a generalization of Whyte's geometric solution to the von Neumann problem for locally compact groups in terms of Borel and clopen piecewise translations. This strengthens a result of Paterson

On Følner sets in topological groups

We extend Følner’s amenability criterion to the realm of general topological groups. Building on this, we show that a topological group $G$ is amenable if and only if its left-translation action can