Über die Beobachtung von “atmospherics” bei geringsten Frequenzen

  title={{\"U}ber die Beobachtung von “atmospherics” bei geringsten Frequenzen},
  author={Winfried Otto Schumann and Hans K{\"o}nig},
SQUID geomagnetic signal analysis and modelling of Schumann Resonances in the earth-ionosphere cavity
Due to its extreme sensitivity to magnetic flux, vast dynamic range and wide bandwidth, the Superconductive Quantum Interference Device (SQUID) is at the frontier of all existing magnetic field
Schumann Resonances in Lightning Research
Schumann resonances (SR) are global electromagnetic resonances excited primarily by lightning discharges. This review is aimed at the reader generally unfamiliar with Schumann resonances. Our goal is
Stochastic Gravitational-Wave Backgrounds: Current Detection Efforts and Future Prospects
The collection of individually resolvable gravitational wave (GW) events makes up a tiny fraction of all GW signals that reach our detectors, while most lie below the confusion limit and are
Consciousness, The Human Heart and The Global Energetic Field Environment
The Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) is a science-based, international effort that conducts research on interactions between humans and the Earth’s magnetic field environment as well as collective
Magnetic and Newtonian noises in Advanced Virgo: evaluation and mitigation strategies
In the present study, I table the first detailed estimation of the magnetic noise contribution to the Advanced Virgo sensitivity to gravitational waves. I tackle the topic by performing experimental
Detecting a stochastic gravitational-wave background in the presence of correlated magnetic noise
A detection of the stochastic gravitational-wave background (SGWB) from unresolved compact binary coalescences could be made by Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo at their design sensitivities.
Is the Speed of Light a 3 rd Harmonic Wave
Schumann Resonant currents are known to exist in the Earth’s cavity. By representing these resonant currents throughout the inner Earth, it is shown through string wave calculations that tension
Long-Term Study of Heart Rate Variability Responses to Changes in the Solar and Geomagnetic Environment
The study confirms that daily ANS activity responds to changes in geomagnetic and solar activity during periods of normal undisturbed activity and it is initiated at different times after the changes in the various environmental factors and persist over varying time periods.