Über die Anthocyanverteilung in bunten Laubblättern


T h e presence of ap i in (I) in ce lery was earl ier r epor t ed b y severa l authors~) . B u t a couple of years back t h e comple t e absence of api in in I n d i a n celery (Kava/Is) seeds (Ap ium graveolens)=) and t he presence of two new a n t h o x a n t h i n glycosides, g raveobios ide-A [Luteol in-7-apiosyl g lueoside (II)] a n d graveobios ide-B [Chrysoer iol-7-apiosyl g lucoside (III)] was repor ted .

DOI: 10.1007/BF00643257

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@article{Bopp2004berDA, title={{\"{U}ber die Anthocyanverteilung in bunten Laubbl{\"a}ttern}, author={Martin A. Bopp and Gerhard Tauchmann}, journal={The Science of Nature}, year={2004}, volume={45}, pages={265-266} }