Über den Einfluß des Salzgehaltes auf die photosynthetische Leistung verschiedener Standortformen vonDelesseria sanguinea undFucus serratus


The phaeophyceanF. serratus and the rhodophyceanD. sanguinea came from the North Sea (30‰ S) and the Baltic Sea (15‰ S). The activity of photosynthesis was taken as a criterion of algae vitality. Experiments were made in salinity concentrations of 0‰, 5‰, 10‰, 15‰, 20‰, 30‰, 40‰ and 50‰ S. Thirty-minute exposures to sub- or supranormal salinities stimulate… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF01611429