Über den Einfluß der Geschwindigkeitsabhängigkeit der Elektronenmasse auf den Zeemaneffekt

  title={{\"U}ber den Einflu{\ss} der Geschwindigkeitsabh{\"a}ngigkeit der Elektronenmasse auf den Zeemaneffekt},
  author={Wolfgang Pauli},
  journal={Zeitschrift f{\"u}r Physik},
  • W. Pauli
  • Published 1 February 1925
  • Physics
  • Zeitschrift für Physik

On-demand electrical control of spin qubits

Will Gilbert,1, ∗ Tuomo Tanttu,1, ∗ Wee Han Lim,1 MengKe Feng,1 Jonathan Y. Huang,1 Jesus D. Cifuentes,1 Santiago Serrano,1 Philip Y. Mai,1 Ross C. C. Leon,1 Christopher C. Escott,1 Kohei M. Itoh,2

Indistinguishable particles in quantum mechanics: an introduction

In this article, we discuss the identity and indistinguishability of quantum systems and the consequent need to introduce an extra postulate in Quantum Mechanics to correctly describe situations

Schottky’s forgotten step to the Ising model

A longstanding problem in natural science and later in physics was the understanding of the existence of ferromagnetism and its disappearance under heating to high temperatures. Although a

One hundred years ago Alfred Landé unriddled the Anomalous Zeeman Effect and presaged electron spin

In order to commemorate Alfred Landé’s unriddling of the anomalous Zeeman Effect a century ago, we reconstruct his seminal contribution to atomic physics in light of the atomic models available at

High-Dimensional Spins

  • S. Asaad
  • Computer Science
    Electrical Control and Quantum Chaos with a High-Spin Nucleus in Silicon
  • 2021

One Hundred Years of Alfred Landé’s g-Factor

Prompted by the centenary of Alfred Landé’s g-factor, we reconstruct Landé’s path to his discovery of half-integer angular momentum quantum numbers and of vector coupling of atomic angular momenta -

Magnetic properties of amorphous metallic alloys




Das Wesen der relativistischen Röntgendubletts

ZusammenfassungEs werden eine Reihe experimenteller Tatsachen besprochen, welche mit der relativistischen Auffassung der Röntgendubletts unvereinbar sind und statt dessen eine Deutung analog den

Über eine Abänderung der formalen Regeln der Quantentheorie beim Problem der anomalen Zeemaneffekte

ZusammenfassungIn der Arbeit wird der Versuch gemacht, durch eine einfache Erweiterung der quantentheoretischen Regeln zu einer formalen Beschreibung eines Teiles derjenigen Erscheinungen zu

The extension of the X-ray-doublet laws into the field of optics

Application of relativity formulas for x-ray doublets to ultra-violet spectra.— Evidence has been presented which indicates that many of the strongest lines in hot spark spectra are due to atoms

Some conspicuous successes of the Bohr atom and a serious difficulty

Some consequences to the Bohr theory of extending the formulas for x-ray doublets to optical spectra.—The extension of the laws for x-ray doublets to ultra-violet spectra has given values of the