Über das Lutein des Hühnereidotters. Mit einer Tafel.

  title={{\"U}ber das Lutein des H{\"u}hnereidotters. Mit einer Tafel.},
  author={Richard Willst{\"a}tter and Heinrich Hermann Escher},
  journal={Biological Chemistry},


It is the origin of the cultivated carrot, which can be developed from it in a few generations, and the wall of the fruit is penetrated lengthwise by canals containing a characteristic oil.

Photodynamic Toxicity of Chlorophyllin against Fasciola gigantica Carrier Snail Indoplanorbis exustus in Visible Spectral Band

A molluscicidal activity of chlorophyllin in visible spectral band against Fasciola gigantica carrier snail Indoplanorbis exustus is explored and there was a significant variation in the toxicity of chloropyllin with snails, exposed tovisible spectral band of light.

Maternal effects in the green turtle (Chelonia mydas)

  • S. Weber
  • Environmental Science, Biology
  • 2010
The results presented suggest that maternal access to dietary antioxidants may be a relatively minor source of variation in egg concentrations in wild populations, and that independent physiological mechanisms may instead regulate the deposition of vitamin E and carotenoids in eggs.

Ueber das Lipochrom der Vogelfeder

Inhaltsiibersicht: Das Lipochrom in seinen Beziehungen zu den speziellen Pigmentierungsund S[rukturverh~ltnissen der Feder 362 1.

Leory Sheldon Palmer (1887–1944) and the beginnings of chromatography in the United States of America

SummaryLeroy Sheldon Palmer (1887–1944) was the first American who utilized chromatography in the investigation of carotenoids present in animals, specially in milk, butter and selected tissues, and

Eine Suche nach 3′-Epilutein ( = (3R,3′S,6′R)-β,ε-Carotin-3,3′-diol) und 3′, O-Didehydrolutein (=(3R, 6′R)-3-Hydroxy-β,ε-carotin-3′-on) in Eigelb, in Blüten von Caltha palustris und in Herbstblättern

Search for the Presence in Egg Yolk, in Flowers of Caltha palustris and in Autumn Leaves of 3′-Epilutein ( =(3R,3′S,6′R)-β,e-Carotene-3,3′-diol) and 3′,O-Didehydrolutein (