Über das Leuchten verwesender Blätter und seine Erreger

  title={{\"U}ber das Leuchten verwesender Bl{\"a}tter und seine Erreger},
  author={Friedrich Heinrich Bothe},
  • F. Bothe
  • Published 1 October 1931
  • Biology
  • Planta

New species and records of bioluminescent Mycena from Mexico

ABSTRACT Seven species of bioluminescent fungi are recorded from the cloud forests in Mexico. Six represent new species belonging to the genus Mycena, whereas Mycena globulispora is a new

Reported and potential bioluminescent species in Lithuania

It is shown that representatives of 26 different bioluminescent and one luminescent species may glow in the dark in Lithuania depending on the season, temperature, humidity, pH and oxygen presence in their environment.

New luminescent mycenoid fungi (Basidiomycota, Agaricales) from São Paulo State, Brazil

Four species of mycenoid fungi are reported as luminescent on the basis of specimens collected from São Paulo State, Brazil, and two represent new reports of luminescence in previously described species.

Four new bioluminescent taxa of Mycena sect. Calodontes from Peninsular Malaysia

This is the first published photographic documentation of bioluminescent basidiomes of members of Mycena sect.

Fungi bioluminescence revisited.

A review of the research conducted during the past 30 years on the distribution, taxonomy, phylogeny, ecology, physiology and bioluminescence mechanisms of luminescent fungi is presented. We

Bioluminescent Mycena species from São Paulo, Brazil.

Six species of bioluminescent agarics are described and illustrated from a single site in primary Atlantic Forest habitat in the Parque Estadual Turistico do Alto Ribeira, Sao Paulo State, Brazil.



Luminous Leaves and Stalks from Bengal

PROF. BULLER, of Manitoba, Winnipeg, in his “Researches on Fungi”, vol. 3, published in 1924, states on p. 426 that he is now able to affirm that luminous leaves, in addition to occurring in France,