Über Oestrogenconjugate in der Nebennierenrinde der Maus

  title={{\"U}ber Oestrogenconjugate in der Nebennierenrinde der Maus},
  author={Gerhard Garweg and I. Kinsky},
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SummaryIn the adrenal cortex of the mouse, conjugation of estrogenic hormones can be visualized by means of light microscopic autoradiography after intraperitoneal injection of N-(acetyl-H3)-D-glucosamine. Tritium label from N-acetylglucosamine is detected within the inner adrenocortical zone of both sexes. However, the distribution of the label is different in the two sexes: In adult virgin females the incorporation of radioactivity is mainly restricted to the X-zone, whereas in adult males… 



Markierung der juxtamedullären X-Zone in der Nebenniere der Maus mit L-Cystein-S35

SummaryIn the adrenal cortex of the mouse the juxtamedullary X-Zone was investigated under normal and experimental conditions. In 22 female and 20 male mice both light microscopy and autoradiography

Secretion of Androgens by the Adrenal Cortex of the Mouse

It is shown that X-zone regression can be stimulated in the ovariectomized unmated female or in the castrated male by subcutaneous injections of adrenocorticotrophic hormone, indicating that androgens are produced by the adrenals themselves.

Metabolism of a glutathione conjugate of 2-hydroxyoestradiol-17 in the adult male rat.

  • J. Elce
  • Biology, Chemistry
    The Biochemical journal
  • 1972
The results demonstrate that injected oestrogen-glutathione conjugate undergoes conversion into N-acetylcysteine derivatives in vivo, which may be excreted in an apparently non-steroidal, possibly protein-bound form, which would not be detected by current analytical techniques.

Identifizierung von Aminosäure- und Peptidconjugaten von Oestrogenen mit Hilfe der Massenspektrometrie

Recent investigations have shown that oestrogens are converted to water soluble metabolites by liver tissue. From this fraction, the 1- und 4-glutathione thio-ethers of 2-hydroxyoestrogens have been

Studies on a testosterone glucuronyltransferase from the cytosol fraction of human liver.

The present findings suggest that testosterone and oestriol are conjugated by two separate enzymes.

Formation, Metabolism, and Transport of Estrogen Conjugates

Certain estrogen conjugates, which are barely detectable in the body fluids and tissues in the nonpregnant state, are found in thousand-fold amounts in late pregnancy, and in proportions distinctly different from those characterizing nonp Regnant conditions.

The effects of stress and ACTH-stimulus on the X-zone of the mouse adrenals with and without hypophysectomy.

  • T. Ohno
  • Biology, Medicine
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The X-zone of normal and hypophysectomized mice was maintained and even hypertrophied by the administration of hydrocortisone, and this was ascribed to the decreased secretion of ACTH.