Über Nabelpunkte auf einer Eifläche

  title={{\"U}ber Nabelpunkte auf einer Eifl{\"a}che},
  author={Gerrit Bol},
  journal={Mathematische Zeitschrift},
  • G. Bol
  • Published 1 December 1943
  • Engineering
  • Mathematische Zeitschrift
A gas bearing roll shell assembly comprises an outer rotatable roll shell carried on an externally pressurized gas bearing between the roll shell and a stationary axle. The roll shell has end rings, one of which has turbine buckets recessed into its bore. The axle carries a valve body having part-chordal passages aligned with the turbine buckets and a rotatable valve for selectively driving the roll shell in one direction or the other. In a modified form, selection is limited to driving in a… 
Real solvability of the equation ∂ 2/z ω = ρg and the topology of isolated umbilics
The geometric form of a conjecture associated with the names of Loewner and Carathéodory states that near an isolated umbilic in a smooth surface in ℝ3, the principal line fields must have index ≤ 1.
Existenzsätze der Flächentheorie
In dem folgenden Kapitel werden wir etwas tiefer in die Analysis eindringen. Zahlreiche Problemstellungen der Differentialgeometrie fuhren auf Systeme von partiellen Differentialgleichungen. Die
Bifurcations of simple umbilical points defined by vector fields normal to a surface immersed in ℝ4
Thev-principal configuration of an immersed surfaceM in ℝ4 is the set formed by the umbilical points and the lines of principal curvatures with respect to a unitary smooth vector fieldv normal toM.
1. An oriented surface 5 immersed smoothly in E3 has a conformai structure imposed upon it by the metric of the surrounding space. Thus S may be viewed as a Riemann surface Pi. But if S is strictly
Principal Curvature Lines
Theory of surface foliations grew from the classical problems of differential geometry. By the end of the 19th century due to the works of Cayley, Darboux and Picard an important class of foliations
Applications Of The Signed Distance Function To Surface Geometry
Applications of the signed distance function to surface geometry Daniel Mayost Doctor of Philosophy Graduate Department of Mathematics University of Toronto 2014 In studying the geometry of a
On isolated umbilic points
Counter-examples to the famous conjecture of Caratheodory, as well as the bound on umbilic index proposed by Hamburger, are constructed with respect to Riemannian metrics that are arbitrarily close
Ovaloids of R3 and Their Umbilics: A Differential Equation Approach
Abstract The following extension of the Caratheodory conjecture on umbilics is proposed and solved—in very special cases: Let N :  M → S 2 be the Gauss map of a C 3 ovaloid M ⊂ R 3 . Let A be the set
The index of isolated umbilics on surfaces of non-positive curvature
It is shown that if a $C^2$ surface $M\subset\mathbb R^3$ has negative curvature on the complement of a point $q\in M$, then the $\mathbb Z/2$-valued Poincar\'e-Hopf index at $q$ of either
Über Flächen mit einer Relation zwischen den Hauptkrümmungen
Diese Arbeit ist ein Beitrag zur elementaren Flachentheorie: wir betrachten Flachen im 3-dimensionalen euklidischen Raum, die mehrmals differenzierbar oder auch analytisch sind, und auf ihnen die