Über Entwicklung, Ausbildung und Absterben der Flugsaurier

  title={{\"U}ber Entwicklung, Ausbildung und Absterben der Flugsaurier},
  author={Gustav von Arthaber},
  journal={Palaeontologische Zeitschrift},
  • G. V. Arthaber
  • Published 1 March 1922
  • Geology
  • Palaeontologische Zeitschrift
Taxonomic review of the Ornithocheirus complex (Pterosauria) from the Cretaceous of England
Investigation of the primary literature confirmed that Criorhynchus should be considered an objective junior synonym of Ornithocheirus, and a cladistic analysis demonstrates that Anhangueridae lies within a newly recognized clade, here named AnHangueria, which also includes the genera Cearadactylus, Brasileodactyls, Ludodactelus, and Camposipterus.
The origin of Pterosaurs
  • M. Baron
  • Geography, Environmental Science
  • 2021
A new phylogenetic hypothesis of Tanystropheidae (Diapsida, Archosauromorpha) and other “protorosaurs”, and its implications for the early evolution of stem archosaurs
The polyphyly of “Protorosauria” is confirmed and therefore the usage of this term should be abandoned and a new phylogenetic hypothesis is presented that comprises a wide range of archosauromorphs, including the most exhaustive sample of ”protorosaurs” to date and several “protorosaur” taxa from the eastern Tethys margin that have not been included in any previous analysis.
Taxonomy of the Lonchodectidae (Pterosauria, Pterodactyloidea)
The diagnostic characters for the Lonchodectidae are the presence of the palatal ridge, elevated alveolar margin of the upper and lower jaws, small teeth that are not varying in size, and a prominent mandibular crest.
A taxonomic revision of the genus Tanystropheus (Archosauromorpha, Tanystropheidae)
A complete overview of the taxonomic history and a revision of the Tanystropheus genus is provided based on first hand observations of the type material of most of the species and it is concluded that T. conspicuus and T. haasi should be considered nomina dubia and thatT.
Pterosauria of the Great Oolite Group (Bathonian, Middle Jurassic) of Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, England
The current understanding of UK Middle Jurassic pterosaur taxonomy is under-developed, leading to it being previously considered a time of low diversity. This is despite the presence of a productive
Pterosaur dietary hypotheses: a review of ideas and approaches
Pterosaurs are an extinct group of Mesozoic flying reptiles, whose fossil record extends from approximately 210 to 66 million years ago. They were integral components of continental and marginal
A new pterosaur specimen from the Upper Tunbridge Wells Sand Formation (Cretaceous, Valanginian) of southern England and a review of Lonchodectes sagittirostris (Owen 1874)
Abstract A specimen of a pterodactyloid pterosaur from the Upper Tunbridge Wells Sand Formation (Early Cretaceous, Valanginian) of Bexhill, East Sussex, southern England is described. It comprises a
Premaxillary crest variation within the Wukongopteridae (Reptilia, Pterosauria) and comments on cranial structures in pterosaurs.
It is argued that the function of cranial structures in pterosaurs cannot be dismissed a priori as a valuable tool for species recognition and there is no significant variation in the anatomy of the pelvis of crested and crestless specimens.


The wings of pterodactyls
The Wing-Finger of Pterodactyls, with Restoration of Nyctosaurus
The question whether the wing-finger of pterodactyls is the fourth or the fifth has been disputed for the past eighty years, though for the past forty years authors have been almost unanimously
XI.—On the Discovery of a New Species of Pterodactyle in the Lias at Lyme Regis.
  • W. Buckland
  • Biology
    Transactions of the Geological Society
  • 1829
In the same blue lias formation at Lyme Regis, in which so many specimens of Ichthyosaurus and Plesiosaurus have been discovered by Miss Mary Anning, she has recently found the skeleton of an unknown
On Rhamphocephalus Prestwichi, Seeley, an Ornithosaurian from the Stonesfield Slate of Kineton
  • H. Seeley
  • Geology
    Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London
  • 1880
Prof. Prestwich as obtained from the Stonesfield slate of Kineton, near Stow-on-the-Wold, a small slab which makes a valuable contribution to our knowledge of the structure of the skull in
On the Skeleton of Ornithodesmus latidens; an Ornithosaur from the Wealden Shales of Atherfield (Isle of Wight)
  • R. Hooley
  • History
    Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London
  • 1913
The late Rev. W. D. Fox, of Brighstone (Isle of Wight), discovered in the Wealden Beds of Brook in that island many associated ornithosaurian bones. These were acquired by the Trustees of the British
On the Skull, Brain, and Auditory Organ of a New Species of Pterosaurian (Scaphognathus Purdoni), from the Upper Lias near Whitby, Yorkshire
By careful work with the chisel I succeeded in laying bare much more of the skull, and it has proved to be of unexpected value, and, for several reasons, of exceptional interest.