Özel Yetenekli Öğrencilerin Mühendislik Algılarının Çiz-Yaz-Anlat Tekniği Kullanılarak İncelenmesi

  title={{\"O}zel Yetenekli {\"O}ğrencilerin M{\"u}hendislik Algılarının Çiz-Yaz-Anlat Tekniği Kullanılarak İncelenmesi},
  author={Oğuzhan Nacaroğlu and Mehmet Arslan},
In this research, it was aimed to examine the engineering perceptions of gifted students. Phenomenology design, which is a qualitative research design, was used in the research. The sample group consisted of 76 gifted students studying in a Science and Art Center located in the Eastern Anatolia region in the 2019-2020 academic years. The multi-method method was used to collect the data, and the data were collected in accordance with the draw-write-tell technique. Content analysis was carried… 
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