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Ícaros: The Healing Songs of Amazonian Curanderismo and Their Relationship to Jungian Psychology

  title={{\'I}caros: The Healing Songs of Amazonian Curanderismo and Their Relationship to Jungian Psychology},
  author={Samantha Black},
Endemic to indigenous cultures of the Amazon River basin, the ícaro is a healing song whose function and identity inform and animate the ideas of Jungian psychology. The ícaro (also spelled íkaro) is a well-known attribute of Peruvian culture, and is integral to the cosmovision and everyday work of traditional Amazonian healers, known as curanderos/as. In the context of a personal healing journey, I explore the role of the ícaro within the Amazonian plant medicine system, known as vegetalismo… Expand
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The concept of plants as teachers among four mestizo shamans of Iquitos, northeastern Peru.
  • L. E. Luna
  • Medicine
  • Journal of ethnopharmacology
  • 1984
Four shamans were questioned about the nature and identity of these magic plants, what are the dietary prescriptions to be followed, how the transmission of shamanic power takes place, the nature of their helping spirits, and the function of the magic melodies or icaros given to them by the plant teachers. Expand
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  • L. E. Luna
  • Medicine
  • Journal of ethnopharmacology
  • 1984
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