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Être musulman en France aujourd'hui

  title={{\^E}tre musulman en France aujourd'hui},
  author={Jocelyne C{\'e}sari and Bruno {\'E}tienne},
Education and Muslim Identity: The case of France
The French republican principles upon which public education is based include strict separation of religion from schooling. At the same time, public funds subsidise a large number of private schools,
A century of mosques in France: building religious pluralism
The public debate in France has rolled out heatedly on the building of minarets, with opinion polls giving a majority of French opposed to the idea. Nevertheless, a fair number of mosques has been
Fight Islamophobia in Europe? Less Islam and Muslims and More Citizenship!
Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, the overmediatization of Islam and Muslims in Europe has only worsened the perception of them and relationships with them. Communities have been
Religion and Public Goods Provision: Evidence from Catholicism and Islam
What are the institutional and spiritual mechanisms which enable religious communities to produce public goods? With the collapse of many states and the retrenchment of social services, much recent
La population musulmane de France : de l'ombre à la lumière ?
Quelle que soit la source utilisee, a la fin des annees 1990, les musulmans de France sont curieusement peu nombreux dans les enquetes sur echantillon – et de maniere peu compatible avec les
Public Education, Migration, and Integration Policies in France
The highly centralized school system has always been perceived as the best means to promote equality and national unity in France. The “modern” French state began to take shape in the late eighteenth
Constructing mosques : the governance of Islam in France and the Netherlands Maussen, M.J.M
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Jaad (Grandfather) Letters: An Al Qaeda Worldview Through the Eyes of a Terrorist Mentor
This work models the militant worldview of a militant Islamic terrorist through a series of fictitious letters written by a hypothetical Jaad (“Grandfather”) to his grandson, Habib Talib (“Grandson
Missatges autoreferencials dels actors del ritual de l'Id-al-ad·ha
L'article analitza la celebracio de l'Id-al-ad·ha o "festa del sacrifici", ritual protagonitzat per la comunitat de musulmans el dese dia del mes de dhu-al-hijja. Es parteix d'exemples etnografics