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Évaluation du niveau de stress du cheval en compétition et en milieu hospitalier : Mesures comportementales, physiologiques et appréciation du tempérament

  title={{\'E}valuation du niveau de stress du cheval en comp{\'e}tition et en milieu hospitalier : Mesures comportementales, physiologiques et appr{\'e}ciation du temp{\'e}rament},
  author={M. Peeters},
  • M. Peeters
  • Published 2011
  • Psychology
  • Both in humans and in animals, stress is sometimes considered as useful for the accomplishment of certain tasks. But it might also have a negative influence on health, welfare or safety. We often impose on our domestic horses a lifestyle very different from their natural one. As soon as we interact with this animal, either during manipulations or in competition, we face him to various stressors. This stress can affect their health, their well-being as well as their sportive performances. Horses… CONTINUE READING
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