Étude par Diffusion de la Lumière de Films de Polystyrène Isotactique

  title={{\'E}tude par Diffusion de la Lumi{\`e}re de Films de Polystyr{\`e}ne Isotactique},
  author={Claude Picot and G{\'e}rard Weill and Henri Benoǐt},
Light scattering by isotactic polystyrene films has been studied by a photographic technique. By changing the refractive index of the surrounding of the spherulites, it has been shown that only the anisotropic disk model explains the light scattering photographs. The modification of the light-scattering patterns during an isothermal crystallization has been interpreted as an effect of the variation of the surrounding of the spherulites. The spherulites dimensions can be measured by this… CONTINUE READING