Étude conductimetrique du système catalytique fluorure de bore‐éthérate/accepteurs π‐électroniques

  title={{\'E}tude conductimetrique du syst{\`e}me catalytique fluorure de bore‐{\'e}th{\'e}rate/accepteurs π‐{\'e}lectroniques},
  author={Par Roumyana S. Velichkova and Ivan M. Panayotov},
The effect of strong π-electron acceptors on the ion equilibrium in the system boron fluoride-diethyl etherate (BFE)/ethylene dichloride was investigated by means of conductivity measurements. The acceptors used were tetracyanoethylene (TCNE) and 1.3.5-trinitrobenzene (TNB) in amounts commensurate with the catalyst concentration. In the solvent used BFE behaves as a weakly dissociated electrolyte with a dissociation constant of about 1.64·10−9 mole/l. The electron acceptors presented increase… CONTINUE READING