Écoulement à surface libre dans un massif de sol soumis à la marée : comparaison théorie-expérimentation

  title={{\'E}coulement {\`a} surface libre dans un massif de sol soumis {\`a} la mar{\'e}e : comparaison th{\'e}orie-exp{\'e}rimentation},
  author={A. Rezzoug and Alain Alexis and Pierre Thomas},
We analyze analytically and numerically the stress distribution along the plug-rock interface and within an axially loaded plug emplaced in a borehole in rock. Experiments show that the interface strength increases with decreasing plug radius and with increasing plug length. Axial strength decreases as a power law of plug radius. An increase in the modulus ratio (ratio of plug modulus to rock modulus) increases the interface strength, until it levels off at a ratio of about 5.0. For short plugs… CONTINUE READING