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É SIK Semantics of flowchart programs and the free Conway theories

  title={{\'E} SIK Semantics of flowchart programs and the free Conway theories},
  author={L. Bern{\'a}tsky and Zolt{\'a}n {\'E}sik},
Several useful identities involving the fixed point or itération opération are conséquences ofjust the Conway theory axioms. In this paper we give several characterizations of thefree Conway théories including a concrete description based on "aperiodîc" homomorphisms of flowehart schemes. It follows from this concrete description that the équations that hold in Conway théories are exactly the valid "group-free" équations of itération théories, moreover, the equational theory of Conway théories… 

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Chapter 2: Fixed Point Theory



Group Axioms for Iteration

It is proved that the set consisting of the Conway identities and the group identities associated with the finite (simple) groups is complete and a conjecture is formulated that is a generalization of Krob's axiomatization of the equational theory of the regular sets.

On Flowchart Theories. I. The Deterministic Case

Monadic Computation And Iterative Algebraic Theories

The notion algebraic theory was introduced by Lawvere in 1963 (cf. S. Eilenberg and J. B. Wright, Automata in general algebras, Information and Control 11 (1967) 4) to study equationally definable

Finite-Automaton Aperiodicity is PSPACE-Complete

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