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  author={Vicente Bellver Capella},
International surrogacy was seen not too long ago as an illicit practice; however, it is becoming a usual practice to conceive a baby when it cannot be achieved by any other means. After presenting the different types of (international) surrogacy that can be practiced and the the terms of the public debate on this issue, I consider the ethical and legal problems of international surrogacy. I wonder whether it is compatible with the vulnerability principle and the dignity and human rights of the… Expand
Una nueva forma de violencia contra la mujer: los lobbies de la maternidad subrogada
Surrogated motherhood is a technique used to comply with the desire of delivering a child. However, this practise is carried out with the collaboration of another woman who provides her own body toExpand
El mandato del nacimiento. Cuestiones bioéticas y biopolíticas en la serie El cuento de la criada
This article aims to address bioethical and biopolitical issues that arise from the analysis of the TV series The Handmaid’s Tale (2017), that clearly shows the distinctive characteristics of theExpand
La reproducción asistida
Assisted human reproduction (AHR) is the starting point of this reflection. This paper drafts an overview to sustain AHR as "a paradigm of perfection" or "reasons for achieving a desire." havingExpand
[The Hypertrophy of Autonomy in the Bioethical Debate].
This paper aims to show how legalizing certain options can be harmful to people, and would justify and perpetuate situations of domination of some human beings over others. Expand
La filiación y la gestación por sustitución: a propósito de las instrucciones de la DGRN de 14 y 18 de febrero de 2019
espanolEl presente articulo pretende dar una breve vision de la situacion actual de la gestacion por sustitucion en Espana. Principalmente, a raiz de la problematica que ha surgido entorno a losExpand
Las estrategias para legalizar la "gestación por sustitución". Un análisis desde la autonomía (reproductiva) de las | Strategies to legalize “substitute gestation”. An analysis from women ?s (reproductive) autonomy
Resumen : Dos estrategias que articulan los discursos, entre ellos los discursos juridicos, con el fin de legalizar la "gestacion por sustitucion" son: una, su configuracion contractual y, dos, suExpand
Análisis de la maternidad subrogada como nueva tecnología en el ámbito biomédico y jurídico-filosófico: avance técnico, retroceso humano
La maternidad subrogada es una cuestión que ha aparecido en los últimos tiempos, cada vez con más incidencia, en la actualidad. Los poderes económicos, políticos y los medios de comunicación hanExpand
El interés superior del menor en los supuestos de maternidad subrogada
espanolEn este articulo se pretende analizar la situacion del hijo habido mediante el recurso al convenio de gestacion por sustitucion puesto que, siendo una de las partes mas vulnerables de esteExpand


Global surrogacy practices
This report summarises discussions of participants in Thematic Area 5 (Global Surrogacy Practices) of the International Forum on Intercountry Adoption and Global Surrogacy held in August 2014. TheExpand
Health concerns and ethical considerations regarding international surrogacy
  • Jonathan W Knoche
  • Medicine
  • International journal of gynaecology and obstetrics: the official organ of the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics
  • 2014
The present paper examines the scope, health risks, and ethical concerns of cross‐border surrogacy, arguing that the risks may not exceed the benefits. Expand
Surrogate Motherhood and Abortion for Fetal Abnormality
This work argues in favour of the professional model, which acknowledges the rights and responsibilities of both parties and provides a legal and institutional framework that supports good decision-making in surrogacy. Expand
Women As Wombs: Reproductive Technologies and the Battle over Women's Freedom
This is a scathing feminist analysis that contributes ground-breaking insights to the raging debate over reproductive technology. In the book, renowned scholar and feminist activist, Janice Raymond,Expand
The birth of bioethics.
  • A. Jonsen
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • The Hastings Center report
  • 1993
On 23-24 September 1992, "The Birth of Bioethics," held at the University of Washington, Seattle, gathered many of the "pioneers" of the new ethics of medicine to review its history and project its future. Expand
The exploitation argument against commercial surrogacy.
Those who oppose exploitation should concentrate on improving the conditions under which paid surrogates 'work'; and changing the background conditions (in particular, the unequal distribution of power and wealth which generate exploitative relationships. Expand
New Trends in Global Outsourcing of Commercial Surrogacy: A Call for Regulation
In a time where advancement of reproductive technologies evolve in a rapid pace beyond the ability of the government to anticipate public social costs associated with it; this Note seeks to addressExpand
Reproductive Tourism and the Quest for Global Gender Justice
This paper discusses the development of cross-border assisted reproduction within the globalized economy, transnational and local structural processes that influence the trade, social relations intersecting it, and implications for the healthcare systems affected. Expand
Maternidades anómalas. Reproducción en la ciencia ficción cinematográfica de los años noventa
Resumen Este articulo se ocupa de un tema clave en el cine de ciencia ficcion de los anos noventa: la maternidad anomala. Traza sus antecedentes historicos para a continuacion distinguir susExpand
The Political Economy and Legal Regulation of Transnational Commercial Surrogate Labor
India’s commercial surrogacy business has been the focus of intense media scrutiny for the past decade. In that time, it has grown from a $400 million industry to over $2 billion. While the growth inExpand