® ̧nh gi ̧ møc ®é tån lu vμ xu híng biÕn ®æi cña pcb

  • trong ®Êt t1i, B3⁄4c Ninh, T K-O Vo, §øc Toμn, Khoa M«i trêng, trêng §1i
  • Published 2014


RESIDUE and temporal trend by PCB residue in surface soils in BacNinh Selected PCB congener and total PCB were analysed in the surface soils of Bacninh, Viet Nam. Forty representative soil samples were collected from the centre of Bacninh city and three surrounding districts (Tu Son, Tien Du, Yen Phong). The PCB concentrations in the surface soils from… (More)


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