« Vivant, était vert avec des antennes rouges » : extinction de Xenomaches incommodus, phasme endémique de l'île Rodrigues (Phasmatodea)

  title={« Vivant, {\'e}tait vert avec des antennes rouges » : extinction de Xenomaches incommodus, phasme end{\'e}mique de l'{\^i}le Rodrigues (Phasmatodea)},
  author={Nicolas Cliquennois},
  journal={Bulletin de la Soci{\'e}t{\'e} entomologique de France},
"Grun , mit roten Antennen, wenn lebendig Aussterben von Xenomaches incommodus", einer endemischen Phasmide von der Insel Rodrigues (Phasmatodea). Xenomaches incommodus (Butler, 1876), die einzige endemische Phasmide von der Insel Rodrigues, ist mit groser Wahrscheinlichkeit ausgestorben. 
Endemic grasshoppers from the Mascarene Islands: a critically endangered island fauna
The species Pyrgacris relictus Descamps, 1968, only known from the holotype and believed to be extinct, is rediscovered in a 0.4 km2 locality, but is under serious threat as its only habitat has been strongly modified during the past months.
Single origin of the Mascarene stick insects: ancient radiation on sunken islands?
It is proposed that the Mascarene stick insects diversified on landmasses now eroded away, presumably to the north of Mauritius, and most likely allowed for adaptive speciation and served as significant sources of diversity that contributed to the biomes of the MASCarene archipelago and the megadiverse Madagascar.
Impact of native forest restoration on endemic crickets and katydids density in Rodrigues island
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