{sup 144}Sm-{alpha} optical potential at astrophysically relevant energies derived from {sup 144}Sm({alpha},{alpha}){sup 144}Sm elastic scattering

  title={\{sup 144\}Sm-\{alpha\} optical potential at astrophysically relevant energies derived from \{sup 144\}Sm(\{alpha\},\{alpha\})\{sup 144\}Sm elastic scattering},
  author={Peter J. Mohr and Thomas Rauscher and Heinz Oberhummer and Z. M'at'e and Zs. Fulop and E. Somorjai and M. D. Jaeger and Glenn E. Staudt},
  journal={Physical Review C},
For the determination of the {sup 144}Sm-{alpha} optical potential we measured the angular distribution of {sup 144}Sm({alpha},{alpha}){sup 144}Sm scattering at the energy E{sub lab}=20 MeV with high accuracy. Using the known systematics of {alpha}-nucleus optical potentials we are able to derive the {sup 144}Sm-{alpha} optical potential at the astrophysically relevant energy E{sub c.m.}=9.5 MeV with very limited uncertainties. {copyright} {ital 1997} {ital The American Physical Society} 
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