author={Kaushalya Madhawa and Tsuyoshi Murata},
PROGRAMME EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES (PEOs):  Master programme in Applied Geology aims to provide comprehensive knowledge based on various branches of Geology, with special focus on Applied Geology subjects in the areas of Geomorphology, Structural geology, Hydrogeology, Petroleum Geology, Mining Geology, Remote Sensing and Environmental geology.  To provide an in-depth knowledge and hands-on training to learners in the area of Applied Geology and enable them to work independently at a higher… 

Elevational biodiversity gradients in the Neotropics: Perspectives from freshwater caddisflies (Insecta: Trichoptera)

Aquatic insects in the order Trichoptera are extremely diverse in number of species and their trophic roles. However, their distribution and diversity patterns are poorly known in the Neotropics,

Design of the system of automated generation of poetry works

An algorithm has been developed according to which the software application will analyse the poetic works offered by the user and generate new variants of it on the basis received from the neural network of logically connected words or lines of the verse in the poem.

The environmental impacts of heavy metals in soil, certain plants and wastewater near industrial area of Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh

Compared to the WHO guidelines, the soil in the study area was not polluted with Pb, Cu, and Cd but was moderately polluted with Cr, Zn, and Ni, respectively.

Conservation genetics of two threatened frogs from the Mambilla highlands, Nigeria

The results demonstrate recent gene flow between forest fragments and the adjacent protected forests and suggest that small forest corridors connecting these may lessen the genetic consequences of at least 30 years of intense and severe fragmentation in Ngel Nyaki.

Hunting before herding: A zooarchaeological and stable isotopic study of suids (Sus sp.) at Hardinxveld-Giessendam, the Netherlands (5450–4250 cal BC)

Suids (Sus sp.) played a crucial role in the transition to farming in northern Europe and, like in many regions, in the Netherlands pig husbandry became an important subsistence activity at Neolithic

Stability and local bifurcation analyses of two-wheeled trailers considering the nonlinear coupling between lateral and vertical motions

The nonlinear dynamics of two-wheeled trailers is investigated using a spatial 4-DoF mechanical model. The non-smooth characteristics of the tire forces caused by the detachment of the tires from the

Thermo-magneto-hydrodynamical effects on merging flow of TiO2–water nanofluid

The steady flow of a nanofluid (mixture of titanium dioxide and water) in a rectangular channel under the influence of an inclined magnetic field is studied. The channel contains an upstream hot




Geology of Ore Deposits (Geologiya rudnykh mestorozhdenii) is one of the few special periodicals devoted to metallic and nonmetallic mineral resources and the conditions of their formation and

Introductory Digital Image Processing: A Remote Sensing Perspective

Introductory Digital Image Processing: A Remote Sensing Perspective focuses on digital image processing of aircraft- and satellite-derived, remotely sensed data for Earth resource management applications.


John Ridley (2013) Cambridge University Press, New York, p. 409. $85 ISBN 978-1-107-02222-5 (Hardback). www.cambridge.org/oredeposit The book Ore Deposit Geology has a beautiful cover of banded iron

Introduction to Planetary Science: The Geological Perspective

The authors' stated intention is that this book should be used as the basis for a capstone course for senior undergraduates and beginning graduate students majoring in the Earth sciences. The authors

GIS Modules and Distributed Models of the Watershed

Prepared by the Task Committee on GIS Modules and Distributed Models of the Watershed of ASCE. This report guides professionals in selecting the mostadvantageous applications of geographic

Principles of Physical Geology

A GEOLOGICAL author who introduces the word 'Principles' into the title of his work is wittingly inviting a comparison with Charles Lyell's masterpiece, "The Principles of Geology", which, more than

Solutions, Minerals and Equilibria

Fluid-mineral Equilibria in Hydrothermal SystemsOn the Origin of the Black Pyritic Slates from the Iron Mineral Deposits of Iron River District of MichiganPetrogenesis of Metamorphic RocksSolutions,

Essentials of Medical Geology: Impacts of the Natural Environment on Public Health

Medical geology, which examines the impacts of geologic materials and processes on human and ecosystem health including both natural and anthropogenic sources of potential health problems, includes animal and plant diseases.