\textsc{CompaSO}: A new halo finder for competitive assignment to spherical overdensities

  title={\textsc\{CompaSO\}: A new halo finder for competitive assignment to spherical overdensities},
  author={Boryana Hadzhiyska and Daniel Eisenstein and Sownak Bose and Lehman H Garrison and Nina A Maksimova},
We describe a newmethod (CompaSO) for identifying groups of particles in cosmological N-body simulations.CompaSO builds upon existing spherical overdensity (SO) algorithms by taking into consideration the tidal radius around a smaller halo before competitively assigning halo membership to the particles. In this way, the CompaSO finder allows for more effective deblending of haloes in close proximity as well as the formation of new haloes on the outskirts of larger ones. This halo-finding… 


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  • Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc
  • 1980