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\'Ez fields

  title={\'Ez fields},
  author={Erik Walsberg and Jinhe Ye},
Let K be a field. The étale open topology on the K-points V (K) of a K-variety V was introduced in [JTWY]. The étale open topology is non-discrete if and only if K is large. If K is separably, real, p-adically closed then the étale open topology agrees with the Zariski, order, valuation topology, respectively. We show that existentially definable sets in perfect large fields behave well with respect to this topology: such sets are finite unions of étale open subsets of Zariski closed sets. This… 


\'Etale-open topology and the stable field conjecture.
For an arbitrary field $K$ and $K$-variety $V$, we introduce the etale-open topology on the set $V(K)$ of $K$-points of $V$. This topology agrees with the Zariski topology, Euclidean topology,
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§1.1. Motivation. The purpose of these notes is to explain the definition and basic properties of the Néron model A of an abelian variety A over a global or local field K. We also give some idea of
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