[Xeroradiographic scanning in clinical oncology].

  title={[Xeroradiographic scanning in clinical oncology].},
  author={K K Valutskas},
  journal={Meditsinskaia radiologiia},
  volume={34 2},
A combined method of xeroradiographic scanning (ERS) was used for the recognition of tumors of different organs. Altogether 645 cancer patients were investigated: 98 with head and neck tumors, 102--with pulmonary and mediastinal tumors, 254--with liver tumors, 86--with renal tumors, 52--with bone tumors, and 53--with prostatic tumors. Special methods of investigation and tumoritropic radiopharmaceuticals 75Se-methionine, 67Ga-citrate, 85Sr, 113In, 99Tc, etc. were used. Statistical data… CONTINUE READING